We are thrilled to announce our membership with EdTech Denmark, an organization dedicated to creating the best conditions for learning and education. By joining this network, we are placing ourselves at the crossroads of research, public institutions, and the business community in Denmark.

EdTech Denmark is focused on creating an environment for engagement and collaboration, with a strong professional emphasis on complex and evolving themes. With our multilingual communication platform, Kiddy, we hope to contribute to this community while gaining access to new opportunities in the Danish market.

We look forward to collaborating with other EdTech enthusiasts in Denmark, ready to learn, grow, and innovate together. We believe this partnership will help us expand our vision of a more inclusive and diverse educational landscape.

πŸ”— Stay tuned for more updates about our partnership with EdTech Denmark and our journey into the Danish EdTech market!

See http://www.edtechdenmark.dk for more information.