Daxap’s Visionary Leap at Gründerdagen: Paving the Way for Kiddy’s Global Journey

Daxap’s Visionary Leap at Gründerdagen: Paving the Way for Kiddy’s Global Journey

In the heart of Trondheim, a city known for its vibrant innovation ecosystem, Connect Midt-Norge once again orchestrated the much-anticipated event, “Gründerdagen.” This gathering, more than just a conference, is a testament to the thriving spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in Midt-Norge. It’s a day dedicated to networking, sharing experiences, and envisioning grand ideas in today’s dynamic innovation market.

This year’s Gründerdagen was particularly momentous for Daxap, a company that has been making significant strides in the realm of digital solutions for early childhood education. Following their impactful participation last year, Daxap returned to the event with even more ambitious plans, ready to unveil their roadmap for the internationalization and investment in their flagship project, Kiddy.

The Essence of Gründerdagen

Gründerdagen’s primary objective is to create a melting pot for the innovation ecosystem in Midt-Norge. It’s a platform where entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from various sectors converge to exchange ideas, forge connections, and draw inspiration from each other. This year, the event saw an overwhelming turnout of over 300 participants, ranging from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned investors, all united by a common goal: to push the boundaries of innovation.

Daxap’s Role at Gründerdagen

Daxap’s presence at Gründerdagen was not just about participation; it was about making a statement. Led by their dynamic Managing Director, Kubilay Kartal, the team presented their ambitious plans for Kiddy. This presentation wasn’t just a showcase of their product but a glimpse into the future of early childhood education and how digital tools like Kiddy can revolutionize this vital sector.

Kiddy: A Vision for Global Impact

Kiddy, Daxap’s innovative solution, is designed to bridge the gap between technology and early education. It’s a tool that simplifies complex educational concepts, making them accessible and engaging for young learners. At Gründerdagen, Daxap highlighted how Kiddy is not just a product but a mission to transform early education globally. Their plan for internationalization and investment is a bold step towards making quality education accessible to children worldwide.

Watch the video of our pitch on Gründerdagen on Youtube.

The Impact of Gründerdagen

Events like Gründerdagen are crucial in today’s fast-paced innovation landscape. They provide a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem to come together, share insights, and collaborate on future projects. For Daxap, Gründerdagen was more than an event; it was a launchpad for their global aspirations with Kiddy.

Read more about our collaboration with ConnectMidt Norge and via link here.

A Glimpse into Daxap’s Future

As Daxap moves forward with its plans for Kiddy, the support and insights gained from Gründerdagen will be invaluable. The event has not only given them a platform to share their vision but also opened doors to potential collaborations and investments. With a clear roadmap and a driven team, Daxap is poised to make significant strides in the international market.


Gründerdagen 2023 in Trondheim was a resounding success, marked by Daxap’s visionary presentation and the enthusiastic participation of the innovation community. As Daxap embarks on its journey to take Kiddy to the global stage, the lessons and connections from Gründerdagen will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their journey. The future of early childhood education is bright, and Daxap’s Kiddy is at the forefront of this transformative wave.

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Digital Transformation in Kindergartens: Daxap’s Kiddy Lights the Way at OsloMet’s BLU Event

In an era where digitalization is reshaping education, Daxap’s recent presentation at OsloMet – Storbyuniversitetet’s BLU (Barnehagelærerutdanningen) event marked a significant milestone. The event, themed “Digitalization in Kindergartens – What’s Happening in the Field Now?”, provided a perfect platform for showcasing Kiddy, Daxap’s innovative digital solution for early education.

BLU: Shaping the Future of Early Childhood Education

BLU, the kindergarten teacher education program at OsloMet, is at the forefront of integrating digital tools into early childhood education. This program not only equips future educators with traditional teaching skills but also emphasizes the importance of digital literacy in the modern educational landscape. The BLU event was a testament to this commitment, exploring current practices and future possibilities in digitalizing kindergartens.

Daxap’s Vision with Kiddy

At the heart of Daxap’s mission is the development of Kiddy, a tool designed to revolutionize early education. Led by Managing Director Kubilay Kartal and Marketing Manager Simen Riffault Andresen, the Daxap team, along with esteemed directors from Bydel Søndre Nordstrand, shared insights into the development and implementation of Kiddy. This half-hour session delved into the rationale and experiences underpinning the collaboration in Kiddy’s development.

A Collaborative Approach to Innovation

What sets Kiddy apart is its collaborative genesis. It exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships, uniting diverse expertise towards a common goal. This synergy between Daxap and public entities underscores a shared vision: to harness digital technology for enhancing early childhood education.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We extend our heartfelt thanks to OsloMet for this opportunity to participate in such a pivotal event. The BLU program’s focus on digitalization in education aligns perfectly with Daxap’s philosophy and the innovative essence of Kiddy. As we continue to explore and expand the horizons of digital learning in kindergartens, we remain committed to fostering partnerships that drive educational innovation and impact.

Embracing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Embracing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Daxap at Gründerdagen 2022

Yesterday marked a significant event in the entrepreneurial calendar of Norway – Gründerdagen 2022 in Trondheim. This event is not just a gathering but a celebration of innovative minds and daring spirits. It’s a day where ideas meet opportunities, and dreams begin to take shape. For us at Daxap, it was a day filled with pride and inspiration, especially for our founder and managing director, Kubilay Kartal.

As the founder of Daxap, Kubilay Kartal, participated in a ‘sofa chat’ at Gründerdagen 2022, sharing his valuable experiences as an entrepreneur in Norway. His journey, marked by challenges, innovations, and success, serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners alike.

Gründerdagen 2022, held at the vibrant Lager 11, was more than just an event. It was a melting pot of over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and business enthusiasts, all sharing a common goal – to drive innovation and foster business growth. The event featured engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and insightful panels, including a debate on whether Trondheim is Norway’s technology capital.

During the sofa chat, Kubilay shared insights from Daxap’s inception to its current success. He emphasized the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the need to create solutions that address real-world problems. His story is a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Norway and the support system available for startups.

Events like Gründerdagen are crucial for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They provide a platform for sharing knowledge, encouraging collaboration, and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. For anyone harboring a business idea or running a startup, such events offer invaluable learning and networking opportunities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Connect Midt-Norge, Anne Morkemo, Trondheim kommune, and all the organizers of Gründerdagen 2022 at Lager 11 for orchestrating such a remarkable event. We encourage every aspiring entrepreneur and business enthusiast to participate in such events. They are not just about learning and networking but also about being part of a community that drives change and innovation.

To learn more about Gründerdagen and to read more about our journey and experiences at Daxap, follow the link here.
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