Malimo and Daxap: Developing a Digital Platform through Collaboration

Malimo and Daxap: Developing a Digital Platform through Collaboration

Malimo AS, a leading provider of educational materials for primary schools, special education, and kindergartens, aimed to modernize its digital platform. Their goal was to promote mastery-based motivation and differentiated instruction while making life easier for teachers. This is where we at Daxap, a company focused on technological innovation, came into the picture to build a completely new platform from scratch.

Before partnering with Daxap, Malimo faced several challenges with its existing digital platform. The platform’s functionalities were outdated, and scalability was limited. The user-friendliness was also not at the desired level, which hindered Malimo from providing effective educational tools and resources to teachers in Norwegian schools.

A chance meeting was the beginning of a long-term collaboration

At that time, they needed a complete digital transformation, and by chance, came into contact with us through an event called “Springbrett” organized by Connect Midt-Norge. Both Daxap and Malimo quickly realized they had much in common. We both wanted to make a difference in society, and we then sat down together to break down the requirements and gain a complete understanding of their needs.

The collaboration began with thorough discussions to understand Malimo’s specific needs. We conducted extensive research and analysis of the education sector to ensure the solution would meet industry requirements. We developed a detailed roadmap for the project, and then worked closely with Malimo to ensure all features and functionalities were integrated seamlessly into the solution. By using an agile development approach and conducting frequent feedback sessions, Malimo could quickly adjust and improve the platform. Despite technical challenges, the teams remained focused on delivering a solution that not only met but also exceeded Malimo’s expectations.

The partnership between Daxap and Malimo demonstrates how collaboration and partnerships can overcome technical challenges and facilitate digital transformation. For us, Malimo is a partner with whom we collaborate, not just work for. Our shared honesty and expectations of each other are among the factors that drive us to go the extra mile!

We spoke with Maren Lie Malmo and Jørgen Solvang, founders and CEOs of Malimo, about their journey in collaboration with us. Watch the full interview with Maren and Jørgen below.

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